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Decaf Colombia - Swiss Water Process

Decaf Colombia - Swiss Water Process

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Tasting Notes: Sweet, Chocolate, & Light Almond

Country: Colombia

Region: Dulima

Altitude: 1650 - 1900

Processing Method: Washed / Swiss Water Process

Swiss Water Process (SWP) is a method of decaffeinating coffee beans without the use of chemicals, such as solvents or chemicals. It is a natural and environmentally friendly process that involves removing caffeine from coffee beans using only water and osmosis.

The Swiss Water Process begins with green coffee beans that are soaked in water to dissolve the caffeine. The water is then filtered through activated charcoal, which captures the caffeine molecules but allows other flavor compounds to pass through. This process is repeated until the desired level of caffeine is achieved, typically resulting in coffee beans with 99.9% caffeine removed.

One of the key aspects of the Swiss Water Process is that it aims to preserve the flavor characteristics of the coffee beans, while removing the caffeine. This is achieved by using the same water-soluble compounds responsible for the coffee's flavor and aroma to extract the caffeine, which helps to retain the natural flavors of the coffee.

Swiss Water Process decaf coffee is known for its smooth and balanced flavor profile, similar to regular coffee, as it retains most of the original flavors of the coffee beans. It is a popular choice for those who want to enjoy coffee without the stimulating effects of caffeine, while still savoring the taste and aroma of coffee.

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The Details

Perfection in Every Cup

Roasted Fresh

Every bag will have a roasted on date, proof that you are receiving the freshest beans possible.

Ground or Whole Bean

Whether you prefer whole bean coffee or ground we offer a variety of options when it comes to grind size.

Estimated Cups of Coffee

12oz Bag - 18 to 20 cups
1lb Bag - 24-30 cups
5lb Bag - 122-140 cups