$ 12.75

Papua New Guinea - Ulya

Roaster's Notes:

From as far as it gets to as good as it gets!  A tangy coffee with light fruit, accompanied by a clean finish. This coffee equals happiness in your cup!

Barista's Notes:

This Papua New Guinea coffee, from the other side of the world, showcases why coffee is one of the most intricate agricultural products out there.  In the cup we taste notes of honey, coffee cherry, and melon.  As it cools, the coffee begins to reveal new flavors that will take you by surprise. This PNG brews great as a drip coffee in both a Chemex and V60 pour over method; however, we find the Aeropress brewing method unleashes the true potential of this fantastic coffee.  

At the roastery, we like to follow the Aeropress recipe of Kaye Joy Ong, who finished third place at the 2015 World Aeropress Championship.  Her recipe is as follows:

Coffee Weight: 22.5 g; Water Weight: 280 g; Water Temp: 175 °F
- 22.5 grams of coffee ground at a medium to fine grind setting (a grind setting just before espresso).
- Heat the water to 175 °F.
- Add 56 grams of water to the coffee.
- Bloom for 30 seconds.
- Add the rest of the water (280 grams) in 1 minute.
- Press for 30 seconds.
You can learn more about the World Aeropress Championship at: https://worldaeropresschampionship.com/
For more brewing instructions, please checkout our Brew page.