$ 16.00

Mexico - Organic Shade Grown Co-op

Region: Jaltenango, Chiapas

Roaster’s Notes:

Situated in a rare-earth sanctuary, this organic and shade grown coffee is produced by the El Triunfo co-op.  While the integrity of specialty coffee being produced in Mexico is called into question by some, we challenge this stereotype.  Our primary reason being that some of the smoothest and well balanced cups we’ve encountered come from this very place.  

While some are deliberating as to where coffee from this region fits into the specialty world, we’re taking advantage of the ability to acquire these exceptional coffees in order to pass them along to you, with pride and taste in mind.  All the while, defying a layer of industry misconception, while ensuring you, a delectable cup.  Bottom line, this coffee is another shining star in our quiver that should not be ignored.

Tasting Notes:

Toasty aroma, butter, nutty, malty, chocolate.


Fully washed & dried.