$ 15.00

Mexico - Finca Nueva Linda

Roaster's Notes: 

From one of the best farms in the world, Nueva Linda is a specialty coffee estate managed by producer Jose Moguel. It is located in the Sierra Madre mountains of southern Mexico in the state of Chiapas. The farm shares a buffer with the Triunfo Biospehere reserve, a 50,000 acre tropical cloud forest which helps to temper a changing climate and provide rich soil and clean water.

Barista's Notes: 

We cannot get enough of this fantastic Mexican coffee.  We've had experience with coffee from Finca Nueva Linda before, and our current offering doesn't disappoint.  This flavorful and full bodied coffee will put a smile on your face as you get energized to take on whatever daily challenges await you.  In the cup, you will experience flavor notes of hazelnut, lemon, and honey.  We like this coffee most when we brew it using a French Press.  The full immersion of the coffee grounds in hot water produces a rich and heavy bodied cup that balances the nutty and citric tastes of the coffee.