Limited Release: 3 Pack - Africa
Limited Release: 3 Pack - Africa
$ 60.00

Limited Release: 3 Pack - Africa

Ethiopia - Kayon Mountain | Top Lot

This organic grade 1 natural is produced by Esmael Hassen and his team at the Kayon Mountain Farm, located within the Guji zone.  This top lot natural showcases sweetness from many of the berries we love: strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry.  While naturals can sometimes be dominated by the presence of berries in the cup, the sweetness of this coffee combined with the presence of chocolate truly round out this coffee.  The result is a proper marriage between brightness and balance that we’ve desperately come to love. 

Zambia - Isanya & Kateshi Estates - Top Lot

Last year the Isanya and Kateshi estates in the Northern province placed second in the 2019 Zambia Taste of Harvest competition with a methodically harvested honey processed entry.  Their practices include the utilization of a dedicated pulper, specialized raised drying beds with fine netting to increase mucilage retention while maximizing airflow, and shaded nets to prevent damage from sunlight.  The seeds are turned multiple times daily in an effort to diminish any chance of over-fermentation while maintaining a consistent drying process.  This requires nearly two weeks of drying prior to being processed at the dry mill.  The Northern Province has long been understood as the most conducive environment for the cultivation of arabica coffee due to its equatorial proximity, coupled with the highest elevation in the country.  Volcanic soil paired with this processing method are two of the more notable factors that directly translate to this coffee’s cup complexity.  In the cup: raisin sweetness, candy-like brightness, and tangerine.   Rainforest Alliance certified.

Ethiopia - Misty Valley | Top Lot

Produced in the highlands of Yirgacheffe at approximately 1,925 meters above sea level, this coffee is reeling with spice, deep body, mild fruit, and sweetness.  Dry processed at the Aricha station from the celebrated Misty Valley.  A coffee from Ethiopia we’ve selected in addition to the offering from Kayon Mountain to serve as an example of the extreme and exquisite diversity in this three pack offering.  If you air on the side of brighter coffees with insane complexity, you’ll surely find warmth in this offering and we’re delighted to share it with you. 

Note from the roaster:

These coffees are developed with preservation of uniqueness and great drinkability in mind.  Light-to-medium roast profiles that pair best with filter/brewed coffee as the preferred method. A limited offering of 40 boxes roasted in small batch sizes with meticulous care by which we hope you thoroughly enjoy! -Alex