$ 10.25

El Salvador - Rio Zarco


In our opinion, coffee from El Salvador has been on fire lately.  Our love for this country and the specialty coffee they produce can be traced back to our early days of roasting in our garage on late nights, while losing sleep in anticipation of what the next day would deliver. 

This offering, from Rio Zarco, is a honey processed bourbon varietal that we’re super excited to offer.  In the cup, we admire the fruitful aroma of this coffee, coupled with a slightly lighter body that when brewed, while yielding tons of sweetness.  Our tasting notes are honey, caramel, lemon and tea (indicative of the lighter body).  We find that this coffee is simply sweet and forgiving.  The lighter body should not discourage you from what this cup presents.  We like to brew this coffee and let it rest.  The true mark of an excellent specialty coffee is often identified when the cup has cooled, as it tends to appreciate in taste. That sweet spot is where we often find ourselves enjoying the full potential of this particular coffee. 

Rio Zarco, the mill that processes this coffee, marries the technology with the large-scale effort of hand picking and rewards farmers for better coffee cherry picking.  From where we stand, they are consistent and fair.  Should that remain and be built on; we anticipate that El Salvador’s potential is immense, despite ongoing reports of Roya (coffee leaf rust, a devastating fungal disease).

We suggest this coffee for brewers that are not meticulous, rather, seeking a cup that is forgiving and delicious.