$ 13.00

Microlot: El Salvador - Las Nubes

Roaster's Notes:

The translation of Las Nubes is, “The Clouds”.  Cultivated in an epic, long-term evolution of soil, family history, and innovative processing, this predominately bourbon varietal exceeded our expectations, while making our “holy shit, must have” collection.  Pardon our French, as they, and we for that matter, don’t speak it.  The amount of care that routinely goes into the procurement of this coffee would leave most people dizzy.  All we can say is that the green coffee is stunning, it shocked us on the cupping table, and we are honored to roast it.  Feedback from our limited release was exceptional and now we’re bringing it to you.  We only have a few bags, so get it while you can, as it’s destine to run out.  Enjoy.

Tasting Notes: 

Mild fragrance, floral aroma, toffee, peanut, brown sugar, with a hint of blueberry.