$ 22.00

Kenya Microlot - Gichathaini AA


Yet again, we have another beautiful coffee from Kenya that we are delighted to offer. This coffee comes from the Gikanda Farmers Cooperative washing station, located in the Mathira West District of the Nyeri region. Excellent climate conditions, fertile soil, and clean water from the Ragati river, help to yield some exceptional coffee from this region.

Going a step further, ripe cherries that are picked go to the factory on the same day and are depulped. From there the coffee undergoes wet fermentation overnight, breaking down the sugars. The coffee then goes on to be dried on raised beds and is turned and sorted by hand. 

In the cup, we detect a slight caramel sweetness, followed by notes of strawberry and grapefruit tartness, finishing again with a sweet strawberry note. This coffee does a dance on the palette and we absolutely love it!

We anticipate this coffee moving quickly, so we encourage anyone interested to get their hands on it while they can.