$ 13.50

Honduras - RAOS Co-op


We categorize this particular coffee as a “diamond in the rough”.  While the industry may view Honduras, in some form, as unstable purveyors, we remain very optimistic.  Utilizing a coffee from Honduras as our base for one of our espresso blends led to a silver medal at the last Compak Golden Bean.  Our base was a coffee from Honduras from the very same cooperative.  We assimilate with those who are constantly seeking progress. 

While the future is promising, what specialty growers in Honduras are currently yielding, is in many cases, exceptional.  Small batch roasting has many advantages.  While I firmly state that this coffee passed our green and post roast grading, few people speak of the ability to segregate defects after roasting.  From origin to origin, we spend a grate deal of time doing exactly that.  While this coffee may require a little more time than others to segregate a small portion of defects once roasted, I’ll elaborate as to why it’s here.  Both my partner and I scored this coffee at 86 points for it’s unbelievably sweet fragrance (dry, ground smell).  Further, we were enamored with its balance between being a bright and citric coffee.  While that may seem unappealing to some, please note that what rounds this coffee out is it’s decadent, smooth flavor and light toffee finish.  The average of the two is precisely why we selected this fresh crop, a balance we seek, with unbiased intention. 

We encourage you to try this coffee.  From espresso to drip, we define the balance as being quite superb.  It’s an every-person coffee that will deliver nothing short of pure enjoyment, from the first cup, to the last.