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Full Send - Dark Blend

Full Send - Dark Blend

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*All Blends have shifted to 1lb bags - Single Origin bags remain 12oz*

When we first embarked on our coffee journey, we didn't anticipate creating a dark roast. Our focus was always on maximizing sweetness, nuances, and clarity, and the idea of a coffee with a carbonic profile didn't align with our initial vision. However, over time, we realized that denying our customers the option of a darker roast seemed a bit pretentious. We wanted our supporters to have the freedom to enjoy our coffee in the comfort of their own homes, prepared closer to their preference.

So, we took our time to develop a blend that would preserve the integrity of the coffee while also catering to those seeking a darker roast. Our co-founder, Alex, often refers to it as a "light" dark roast, as we aimed to strike a balance between our style and a more traditional one. If this is the coffee you're looking for, remember that we made it with you in mind, and we wholeheartedly say YES to you enjoying it!

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The Details

Perfection in Every Cup

Roasted Fresh

Every bag will have a roasted on date, proof that you are receiving the freshest beans possible.

Ground or Whole Bean

Whether you prefer whole bean coffee or ground we offer a variety of options when it comes to grind size.

Estimated Cups of Coffee

12oz Bag - 18 to 20 cups
1lb Bag - 24-30 cups
5lb Bag - 122-140 cups