Fren Blen - Soul Rebel x Pumphouse Coffee Roasters

Fren Blen is a collaborative project between 4 respective brands, bridging the gap between Web3 and in-real-life businesses. Rooted in Jupiter, Florida; Pumphouse Coffee Roasters, local artist Ryan McGrath, and Soul Rebel have combined forces with one of the most prominent NFT collections currently pioneering the Web3 space, Alien Frens. We wanted to shed light on some individuals who have been building for their communities over the years, while also spreading a foundation of knowledge for those whom may be unfamiliar but interested in NFTs & Web3 as a whole. The Fren Blen has quickly become that vehicle.

In addition to enjoying an otherworldly blend of specialty coffee originating from East Africa and South America, we hope to showcase one of the many overlooked benefits of NFTs in utilizing & leveraging your IP through specialty coffee. We hope you love it, excuse our temporary packaging, and give Web3 a chance. But most importantly, we hope it inspires & fuels you along your journey. Achieving all of your wildest dreams, and enjoying all aspects of the trip…GM!

$ 15.00