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Colombia - Asopap Tolima

Colombia - Asopap Tolima

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Tasting Notes: Sweet, Light Fruit (Melon), Citrus, Roasted Almond & Caramel

Country: Colombia

Region: Planadas, Tolima

Altitude: 1650 - 1900

Processing Method: Fully washed

This coffee from Tolima speaks volumes about its quality, evident through its impressive flavor profile and clean finish. The prominent notes of light fruit, specifically melon, and citrus provide a refreshing and bright aspect to the cup. The toasted almond notes add depth and richness, while the caramel notes contribute to a sense of sweetness. The sweet finish is a delightful touch that leaves a pleasant aftertaste on the palate.

The coffee's balance is noteworthy, as the flavors of fruit, citrus, almond, and caramel are well-integrated, creating a harmonious and enjoyable taste experience. The fully washed processing method likely contributes to the coffee's clean finish, where there are no residual flavors or off-tastes, resulting in a pristine cup.

Overall, this Tolima coffee is of high quality, showcasing a complex flavor profile with a balanced composition. The combination of light fruit, citrus, toasted almond, caramel, and sweet finish creates a multi-dimensional and satisfying taste experience. Coffee enthusiasts and those seeking a refined cup of coffee are likely to be impressed by this coffee's quality and flavor profile.

Furthermore, Christian, one of the co-founders of our coffee company, had the opportunity to personally visit the producer of this coffee earlier this year.  A small testament to our passion for delivering outstanding coffee experiences to our customers.

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The Details

Perfection in Every Cup

Roasted Fresh

Every bag will have a roasted on date, proof that you are receiving the freshest beans possible.

Ground or Whole Bean

Whether you prefer whole bean coffee or ground we offer a variety of options when it comes to grind size.

Estimated Cups of Coffee

12oz Bag - 18 to 20 cups
1lb Bag - 24-30 cups
5lb Bag - 122-140 cups